"Countless unseen details
are often the only difference between
mediocre and magnificent."

Summit Creek Quilts
893 Milestone Dr
Smithfield UT 84335

To view completed quilts: www.webshots.com/user/summitcreekquilts


Summit Creek Quilts is pleased to announce that there is a BRAND NEW company website at http://www.summitcreekquilts.com/.

Please take a moment and see how wonderful it turned out! It is still a work in progress but 90% is up and working.


I have provided answers to commonly asked questions prior to sending a top for quilting. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions you might have. I have a top of the line ruby red Gammilll with a Statler Stitcher. The Statler allows me to quilt faster than doing everything by hand although I do quilt free hand on occasion.

Q. Do you take out-of-state quilts?
A. YES! At least 1/2 of my business is from out-of-state quilters. I actually quilt for people internationally from Europe and Australia as well. Out-of-state quilters also do not pay any sales tax which accomodates for the shipping expense.

Q. How long does it take you to quilt my top?
A. For overall designs I usually have a 2-4 day (Yes! You read that right). My turnaround time is generally very quick due to the fact I have that Statler Stitcher. For custom designs please allow 2-4 weeks. For any quilt that needs to be done for show, please allow 2-4 months.

Q. What should I do before I send my top?
A. The top and back should be squared up, pressed, and thread trimmed off the top before sending. If you have a strip border or any border that is more than 4 seams, please stay-stitch your border 1/8" from the edge all the way around the top so fabrics don't stretch and fray. If you need a client information sheet on how to prepare your quilt for the longarm, please email me at
sue@summitcreekquilts.com or sue@byu.net.

Q. How big should my backing be?
A. Your backing should be 10" wider and 10" longer than your quilt top for a twin to king size quilt. 6-8" larger for a baby to throw size quilt. For instance, if you quilt measures 80"x80" please make your backing 90"x90". I return all unused fabric and you usually can use the backing fabric for your binding if wanted.

Q. What kind of patterns do you use?
A. I have hundreds of pattern to accentuate your quilt from flowers and leaves, holidays, juvenile, traditional, Oriental, sports, camping, etc. Once you quilt is received, I will email you a variety of design options for you to choose from. With custom work, please allow me to select patterns that will beautify your top however I am happy to hear what style or motif selection you would like.

Q. How much do you charge for quilting?
A. I have a variety of pricing structures to fit all kinds of quilting needs.

BASTING FOR HAND QUILTERS - I baste with a large meander stitch at $.08 PSI
SIMPLE OVERALL - Basic meandering is .015 PSI
FANCY OVERALLS - These range from .018 - .022 PSI
CUSTOM - Prices range from .035 to .045 PSI
HEIRLOOM or SHOW - .05-.06 PSI

Q. What kind of thread do you have?
A. I used many types of thread. The rule of thumb is to select something that compliments the colors of your quilt. I use Superior, Signature and PermaCore threads in solid and variegated colors. I also have a variety of metallics and monopoly (invisible thread). Thread charges for solids are $1 per bobbin and variegated runs $2 per bobbin.

Q. Can I provide my own batting?
A. Yes, you may provide your own batting but I do not accept any high loft polyester batts. I will accept a light to medium poly batt. I also carry batting Hobb's Heirloom 80/20 blend batting in natural, white and black (this is what most people request) and also Quilters Dream Select 100% cotton batting.

Q. Do you attach the binding or sew binding onto quilts?
A. Yes. I love to do binding and am known as the "queen of binding." Please note that doing a complete finish binding is not cheap due to the amount of time it takes but I do sew the binding to the front and finish by hand or I can just attach the binding and let you sew it when you get your quilt back.

Q. Do you post pictures of your customer's quilts?
A. Summit Creek Quilts does post photographs of the completed quilts. These can be seen at
www.webshots.com/user/summitcreekquilts. It's a fun place to view a lot of "eye candy."

Please don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone if you have any other questions.


  1. Place your top in a plastic bag, in order to protect it in the event something leaks at the Post Office. I would suggest sending your quilt via USPS Priority Mail. They have free Piority boxes at your local post office or they will ship you some for free as well.
  2. Before closing the box, make sure you've included all your contact information: Name, Address, email, home telephone, cell phone and who referred you.
  3. I will notify you when I receive your quilt and any further requests/concerns can be addressed at that time.
  4. DO NOT, under any circumstances, indicate on the box that it contains a quilt. Everyone loves quilts - even thieves! Mark it 'Fragile' but that's all. If you need to indicate the contents for insurance purposes, list it as "textiles."
  5. Payment: I accept personal checks, money orders and Paypal. Paypal payment will have a 3.5% fee added on to cover their fees. Your finished quilt will be mailed as soon as payment is received. I will also gladly accept cash if you're picking up your quilt in person. Payment is due within 30 days of quilting unless prior arrangements have been made.